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Economic umbrella organizations

The Chamber of Commerce and Employers' Association Winterthur HAW as a regional representation of economiesuisse and the Swiss Employers' Association represents the interests of SMEs and large companies.

economie suisse
Schweiz Arbeitgeberverband


economiesuisse is a national federation of the Swiss economy. The organization is committed to a strong business location and is guided by liberal market principles.

Swiss Employers' Association

The Swiss Employers' Association is the voice of Swiss employers in business, politics and the public. As the employer's political opinion leader, the association contributes significantly to the creation of optimal conditions in Switzerland as well as to the realization of a liberal and social market economy.


The Association of Employers Confederation of Industry (VZAI) focuses on employers issues (labor market, employment law, social insurance, education, vocational training, social partnership), fulfilling its interests by participating in numerous cantonal-based committees and participating in consultation and political campaigns.


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