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Export partners

The HAW is embedded in the institutional structures for the export industry. Thanks to this networking among the partners, HAW can offer a broad range of information and services to the local economy.


State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO

SECO is the federal government`s centre of excellence for all core issues relating to economic and labour market policy. It is our aim to contribute to sustained economic growth, high employment and fair working conditions, by creating the necessary regulatory, economic and foreign policy framework.

Switzerland Global Enterprise

Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) guides its clients on the path to new markets. On behalf of the Swiss Confederation (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO) and the Swiss cantons, S-GE promotes exports and investments by helping its clients to realize new potential for their international businesses and thus to strengthen Switzerland as an economic hub



The Swiss Chambers of Commerce have created an e-business offer in the Swissfirms directory, which is represented throughout Switzerland. As a member of a chamber of commerce, your company is represented by a portrait on the Swissfirms website.



The SERV Swiss Export Risk Insurance offer includes insurance and guarantees for the entire course of the export business, from the financing of the production to the complete payment of the service rendered.


The Swiss Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CCIS) is the association of the 19 cantonal and regional chambers of commerce of Switzerland and the Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The individual chambers are organized as private associations with voluntary membership.

The Association of Swiss Chambers of Commerce offer the ATASwiss service. This allows Carnet ATA applications in the web browser to fill out online and submit to the relevant chamber of commerce.

Federal Customs Administration

The Federal Customs Administration fulfills numerous tasks for the state, industry and the population. The Chambers of Commerce follow the instructions of the Customs Administration in export questions.


The Joint Chamber of Commerce (JCC) is the leading private sector organization in Switzerland that promotes bilateral business between Switzerland and Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova; Central Asia - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan & Afghanistan, and the South Caucasus - Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. JCC is the central, unifying hub for all Eurasian business activity in Switzerland. The chamber supports Swiss companies entering our target countries, and companies from the region interested to establish themselves in Switzerland. JCC does so through information dissemination, networking opportunities and access to local expertise. JCC serves all of Switzerland. It is headquartered in Zurich with representatives in Western Switzerland and Canton Ticino. The members are companies in a cross-section of industries and service sectors.

JCC offers the following services:
-  Regular events on latest business developments in the JCC region at steep discounts;
-  Members-only participation in regular tax and legal roundtables with technical experts;
-  Exclusive access to strategic partners and business opportunities in the target region;
-  Lobbying and troubleshooting on members‘ behalf in the JCC region;
-  A channel for new business. JCC refers all service-related requests to members;
-  A platform for members to showcase their expertise and reach out to potential clients;
-  Corporate hotel, airline and limousine rates.

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