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The Chamber of Commerce and Employers 'Association Winterthur HAW emerged in 1992 from the merger of the Kaufmännische Gesellschaft Handelskammer Winterthur and the employers' association Winterthur. Their roots go back to the year 1801. HAW shaped the economic development of the city of Winterthur and contributes to the fact that Winterthur is a business location with well-developed infrastructure.


Statement of commitment

The statement of commitment sets out the concerns of the Chamber of Commerce and Employers 'Association Winterthur, and shows the principles that govern the Chamber of Commerce and Employers' Association Winterthur; They serve to identify the common interests of their members and encourage active participation and are the basis for the activities and the annual program.

The Chamber of Commerce and Employers 'Association Winterthur as a regional representation of economieuisse and the Swiss Employers' Association is committed to the dynamic and responsible development of the Winterthur Region. It represents the interests of its members.

Balanced, future-oriented structures and healthy growth of industry, trade and commerce as well as the service sector create attractive jobs, prosperity and quality of life. This development is supported by favorable conditions; Economic framework conditions strengthen our competitiveness.

The Chamber of Commerce and Employers' Association intends to promote the opportunities of the Winterthur Region in the competition of the locations.



Clear economic position
  • The HAW represents a liberal economic development open to foreign countries;
  • supports measures to improve the competitiveness of the Winterthur region as a business location;
  • opposes anti-business regulations;
  • takes into account environmentally conscious and social concerns.
Conversation partner in economic matters
  • HAW works with institutions and associations that pursue similar goals;
  • promotes the debate on economic policy topics;
  • is actively available as a discussion partner and offers cooperation;
  • represents the opinion of the political authorities as well as the economiesuisse and supraregional employer organizations.
Interlocutor in employer matters
  • HAW represents the interests of employers in matters of social partnership;
  • promotes contacts between employers and employees;
  • makes itself available to local authorities as dialogue partners with regard to the labor market;
  • Maintains relations with supraregional employer organizations;
  • supports regional education and training institutions.
Initiative public relations
  • HAW is committed to understanding economic relationships in the public sphere;
  • operates an active information policy through events, publications and cooperation with the media.
Youth and business
  • HAW promotes dialogue and understanding between business and the younger generation;
  • supports business-oriented information and education for students and teachers.
  • As required, HAW offers its members services and third-party services on a cost-covering basis.
Broad based membership
  • The HAW recruits as members companies and individuals from the region Winterthur;
  • is open to interested parties of all business circles.

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