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Wirtschaftswoche (Training in economics)

In 1974, the Ernst Schmidheiny Foundation, founded two years earlier, began offering schools a practice-oriented seminar entitled "Wirtschaftswochen". Crucial to this was the realization that, despite a demonstrable need on the part of the students in most of the curricula of our secondary schools, there was too little room for raising awareness of social market issues. During the Wirtschaftswoche, interested students will have the opportunity to experience the dynamics of economic processes in teamwork in a realistic manner. Through their own actions as a corporate management, the young people permanently internalize business management knowledge and develop a continuing interest in economic relationships.

Every year, the HAW organizes the business weeks for pupils of the local high schools Rychenberg, Büelrain and Im Lee. In the process, HAW receives crucial support from subject teachers who make their private-sector knowledge available to the young people in a voluntary commitment.


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For individual information, please contact Thomas Kärcher, Head of Wirtschaftswochen.

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